Our firm of chartered certified accountants was established in 2009, recently celebrating 10 years of providing outstanding service to business owners and individuals in North East England and neighbouring areas.

Marking the milestone, we have been chosen to join the Handpicked Accountants network, the home of reputable local accountants across the country.

Our three offices are located in Bishop Auckland, Teesside and Newton St Boswells, allowing us to serve individuals, small businesses, self-employed professionals, partnerships and limited companies across the North East.

The platform connects small businesses with accountants in their local area who showcase the main virtues of being a Handpicked Accountant, including technical expertise, industry knowledge, trust factors and providing a personal delivery.

Our highly esteemed workforce are qualified or working towards their qualifications, with all managerial staff holding a Chartered Certified qualification having previously held directorial positions in nationally or internationally operating businesses.

The Handpicked Accountants. directory provides a vouched for list of accountants who have been vigorously assessed for providing unmatched service in comparison to other accountancy firms in neighbouring areas.

One thing that confuses people is the difference between the Marriage Allowance and the Married Couple’s Allowance. If you or your partner were born before 6 April 1935, you might be better off applying for the latter.

The platform shortlists only the highest performing and foremost customer-facing accountants, ensuring that your accountancy affairs are well taken care of and HMRC deadlines promptly met.

David Tattersall, Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants, said, “Stuart Hall & Co effortlessly meets the criteria set out to become a Handpicked Accountant.

The team are well equipped to tackle the complexities of small business accounting as a result of the expert-led and joined efforts championed by the practice.

“The team behind Handpicked Accountants aim to simplify the process of finding an accountant by filtering entries by location, cutting out the initial research stage and sparing you more time to get to know your accountant and running your business.”

The Handpicked Accountants profiles for Stuart Hall & Co are now live:

Bishop Auckland.


    Email BCCA Send us an email ... [email protected]
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    Email Stuart Hall & Co Send us an email ... [email protected]
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    Call Stuart Hall & Co Call us direct ... 01835 818184

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