Our Team

Stuart Hall FCCA

Founder of the practice I trained in private practice with a 5 partner Accountancy firm
in County Durham & Teesside, before moving into Industry. I spent ten years in
Financial Controller & Finance Director roles in the Manufacturing, Engineering
& Printing industries, which gave me a much more hands on experience of running
businesses. All three Companies I worked for experienced significant growth during my
time with them, providing constant challenges managing Finance. Experience of Mergers,
Acquisitions and Takeovers, as well as closing down non profit making divisions was all
part of the fun!

My love in business is being able to save clients money, in whatever way I can. From tax
planning to advice on minimising costs and maximising profits.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my wife (Michelle) and our dogs (TJ and Sookie)
enjoying the outdoors, especially the Lake District. We also love to travel and explore,
particularly North America & Canada. I am also a big Meat Loaf fan, often combining
the travel to America with Meat Loaf concerts over there, having seen him perform at 7
different venues in the US, with hopefully more to come.

Also known as…
Forrest (as in Gump) – apparently it is because at
times I am a mind boggling genius … but at other times a bit of a numpty.

Hans Waltl FCCA
Originally trained as a Chartered Engineer where I worked with British Steel I quickly became a Turn-around Manager specialising in improving the performance of business units – often leading to their sale. After running and selling my own company to an American Multinational I trained as an accountant initially with CIMA and then transferring to ACCA. During my training I was amongst the top ten ACCA students internationally and recognised accordingly.

Specialist areas include Turn-around and growth issues; Venture Capital schemes such as EIS and SEIS as well an International business.

At the weekend you will find me outdoors on horse-back, hiking or cycling although as I get older I may be more likely found at the theatre or a concert.

I have had a wide and varied international career ranging from setting up overseas subsidiaries to running a family owned SME.

I am very practical and my down to earth approach is ensured by my love for the outdoors and especially horses. After all “all men are equal in the turf and under it”.

A family of three “broadly” grown up children has kept me busy at other times.

Matthew Gilmore ACMA
I joined the practice in the summer of 2015 after working for a large manufacturing company as a management accountant. At the start of 2015 I completed my CIMA studies and became a Chartered Accountant. I also have a degree in Accounting and Finance.

I always said I would never work for an accounts practice as I find it far too boring to just look at numbers all day and prefer to work with a business to move it forward. After meeting both Stuart and Abi I knew this was not a normal practice and after meeting Luke and Harry I know it is definitely not a normal practice!

Outside of work I watch a lot of sport, especially football, and like to try to keep fit by running and rowing. I also watch a lot of films and when I have time read a number of books. At home I live with my wife Katerina and have two pet cat/kittens. Out of the 3 of them I don’t know who causes more damage to the house.

Kim Whillans

I joined BCCA in April 2016. Having started life riding racehorses, an accident forced a
change of career. Having completed my NCFS, I embarked as a freelance Farm Secretary,
and since then, I have worked in accounting practices north and south of the Border, as
well as being part of the admin/accounts team on a country estate.

All my spare time is spent with my dogs (now increased to 3), which I enjoy walking –
even in the rain – and training and competing at agility.

Likes: Irish Rugby, Horse Racing and Rallying

Dislikes: Shopping, Celery

Jane Carr

I joined Stuart Hall & Co in January 2019 after spending 12 years at another local practice. I completed an apprenticeship with AAT which I gained in 2009 and then went on to pass my ACA exams in 2014.
My experience includes looking after a wide variety of clients and dealing with all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, VAT and taxation.
I have recently returned to work following maternity leave and have a 1 year old little boy, Jenson.
We also have a rescue dog named Ralphie and a tortoise named Neil, although my parents seem to have adopted them both.

In my spare time…..I don’t have any at the moment! However, I enjoy spending time with my family on a weekend and I am always looking at holidays online and try to get abroad at least once a year! .

Likes: Tea & Biscuits

Dislikes: Stacking the dishwasher

Andrea Flood

After leaving school, I was employed by the Inland Revenue, as a Revenue Executive,
working in Vinovium House in Bishop Auckland. I left after 10 years through voluntary
redundancy, to join my husband’s family business employed as Payroll and Office manager.
This continued for 20 years, however ended when we lost our entire workforce as a result
of our main customer going into administration. During this time, I also owned two
florist shops, which were sold to my manager when she made me an offer I couldn’t
refuse. In 2014 I decided to get a ‘proper’ job and worked in the Payroll Department at
Esh Construction Ltd until May 2017. Our department relocated to the Head Office earlier
this year, so I decided to look for a new job closer to home. A friend forwarded the
advert for the position of Payroll Coordinator at Stuart Hall and Company, adding ‘this
sounds like a great place to work, could be right up your street’, and how right she

I have 3 grown up daughters, who have all flown the nest within the last year, so I love
to spend time with them on a weekend. I miss them all but not the ironing pile. My
husband and I bought a touring motorbike last year, to celebrate our ‘new found’
freedom. We went touring in the Alps for 2 weeks, covering almost 3000 miles and
visiting 7 countries, which was an amazing experience. We try to get out most weekends
when the weather is good. We have one dog named Billy, who regularly goes on sleepovers
to my daughters house so that we can get away on the bike.

David Alan Samuel Sawyer MAAT

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to England when I was 15 to be closer to family. I joined Stuart Hall & Co in September 2010 after completing my A levels at Wolsingham 6th form and I was Stuart’s first employee, (I always ask if I was the only candidate that turned up) he gave me my first real job (it is a real job no matter what Stu says), and he supported me through all of my AAT exams, which I have completed and is currently supporting me through my ACCA exams.

I spend most of my weekends (and money) at the Cinema with my fiancée Rebecca, I’ll literally watch and make her watch anything.

Likes: Films

Dislikes: Flying…. Absolutely terrifies me.

Also known as…
Stuarts idea because we had too many Davids,
I was named after Luke Skywalker the apprentice Jedi.

David Heslington MAAT

I started working at Stuart Hall and Co in 2011 as a trainee accountant and ever since
then I have worked my way up through my exams and am currently qualified at AAT level.
The main reason I enjoy working at Stuart Hall and Co is the fact that hard work does
not go unnoticed. This was proven when I received the unofficial employee of the year
award in 2014. In my spare time I enjoy eating and going to the gym, though not at the
same time, and getting dangerously addicted to poor American television series’ on

Likes: Hedgehogs

Dislikes: Tuna

Also known as…
Harry – Simply named after Harry Potter. The
wizarding phenomenon.

Clare McCulloch

I joined Stuart Hall and Co in April 2018 to help Matthew build up the Stockton Office that opened in 2017.

I started my Accountancy career in 1990 in practice and stayed with the same firm of Accountants for 9 years before moving on to new challenges within the Accountancy field.
Over the next 18 years I’ve had varying roles from Accounts Assistant to Management Accountant in different types of companies including Retail, Charities,
the Public Sector and the Motor Trade. This enabled me to broaden my Accountancy skills and experience working in alternative environments.
Having thought about moving back to practice for a couple of years, the opportunity arose for a position within Stuart Hall and Co.,
which after a month of working here I am delighted to say was definitely the right move for me.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my boyfriend Ted and my dog Alfie.
Ted is currently building a campervan so hopefully we will have plenty of weekends away this year, travelling to places in the UK (and maybe Europe) that we have never been to before – Alfie in tow.
I also like to go to bootcamp on a regular basis (almost everyday) which I thoroughly enjoy.
This has inspired me to complete the annual Total Warrior obstacle course when I can, which I hope to do again this year.

Likes: Dogs & Cake & Holidays

Dislikes: Liver & Sprouts

Hannah Dinsley

I joined Stuart Hall Accountants in November 2019 with 6 years of experience in practice. I started my AAT as an apprentice when I was 19 in 2013 and gained my qualification in 2016. I am now studying towards the ACA qualification.

My job role includes bookkeeping, VAT returns, accounts preparation, corporation tax returns and personal tax returns. I also have lots of experience training and supporting apprentices as they go through their studies.

When I manage to find some spare time from revision, I like to keep fit by playing rugby and doing exercise classes. I also love spending time with my god son, going for walks, shopping and watching Netflix. I have a new found love of skiing too (hence the picture)!

Likes:Flowers and box sets

Dislikes: Raisins disguised as chocolate chips

Sommer Heslop

In September 2017, I joined Stuart Hall & Co in the form of an AAT Apprenticeship, which I
am currently working towards completing. Before joining, I had completed my A-Levels and was
looking for somewhere with a friendly environment where I could continue to grow my
knowledge and skills, I certainly found it at Stuart Hall & Co!

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my friends mainly shopping and walking through
Hamsterly Forest, one of the most beautiful places to walk if you have pets. Personally, I
have a little Border terrier named Rascal, which is an unusual name but with all the
escaping she likes to do it fits her perfectly. I also love to ride horses and currently
have a shire horse named JD who is very much a gentle giant.

Likes: Animals, Tea & Strawberries

Dislikes: Squids (they Just look Funny)

Grace Dutchburn

I was born and raised in South Australia and moved to England in 2006. I joined Stuart Hall and Co in November 2018 as an AAT apprentice,
which I am currently working towards completing. Before this I spent two years in a management accounts department.
I am also a qualified lifeguard and swimming teacher, due to my passion for the sport.

When I’m not eating chocolate, I love to meet new animals and people such as Stevie the alpaca (the one on the left).
I also enjoy spending my time with my dog (Rolo). Plus I enjoy trips out on my motorbike and evening out with my friends.

Likes: Animals & Cups of Tea

Dislikes: Vegetables

Jade Fridd

I started working for Stuart Hall & Co in July 2018 as an Admin/Payroll Assistant but have recently been given the opportunity to move onto doing Accounts.

I had started studying my AAT before I had my son in 2010 so it is nice to get back into studying and further my career, I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me within the company.

When I am not working, I am spending time with my partner and family, we often go away for the weekend and the Lake District has quickly became my favourite place to visit. I had my son at a young age and although I won’t say it was easy, I now have a best friend for life.

We do everything together which I am enjoying every chance, as I am sure when he becomes a teenager hanging out with his mam won’t be cool anymore!

Likes: Holidays and Chocolate

Dislikes: Heights and Spiders

Abigail Greenwood

After completing my A Levels at Durham Sixth Form College, I joined the team at Stuart Hall & Co. in August 2019 as an AAT apprentice.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and playing Bingo “well it’s all about numbers”.

I have a pet house rabbit names Dusty who I adore.

Likes: Rabbits (Dusty)

Dislikes: Wasps and Spiders

Ellie Waterworth

I started my Level 2 AAT apprenticeship at Stuart Hall & Co in October 2019 after leaving sixth form.

During my free time I love spending free time with my friends and family, especially my niece and nephews (I’m their favourite auntie).

I have a horse named Poppy who likes to keep me on my toes as well as a little goldfish who is appropriately named Sushi.

Soon I am also going to be a dog mom to a cute Shih Tzu puppy called Saffi so I will most definitely have my hands full!

Likes:Coffee, Dogs

Dislikes: Mornings, The rain

Claire Welburn

I joined Stuart Hall & Co as Receptionist & Payroll Administrator in April 2020.

Since I started work at the age of 16 (I won’t mention my age now) I have always worked in administrative/receptionist roles.

In my spare time I love spending time with my husband Paul and my family, eating out, date nights and a cheeky one at spoons. We also LOVE to go camping and one day we WILL buy that camper van!! I love to cook and bake and I make and sell natural dog treats and pupcakes.

I have 2 grown up children and 5 furbabies made up of 4 cats and 1 dog, my main girl being Willow and she is my Cockapoo.

Likes: Camping, animals and wine

Dislikes: Pineapple (vile stuff) and hissys (I can’t even bring myself to say the word)!! 

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