Tax legislation can be confusing for any individual or business, we can help keep it simple and work with you to provide a number of tax services, including tax planning to alleviate the burden and help prevent any overpayment of tax.

Every business and individual is different and as such we start by getting to know you and your business. This is not just about the services that you plan to provide but about you personally and your circumstances. Lots of the ‘little details’ can affect how we advise you which is why it is important that we spend time getting to know you beforehand to enable the best possible tax advice.

Our aim in regards to Taxation is to prepare, guide and support you through all the elements that you need to be aware of. This includes the preparation of information (accounts) and returns (tax return – whether it be company, individual or partnership), the deadlines (when accounts & returns are due to be filed), the payment dates and most importantly the details of how to pay to ensure a smooth process with HMRC.

Our job will take away the stress of all of these important routines but we still want to help you understand what is expected of your business and yourself in regards to taxation from HMRC. How involved you decide to be in the process is up to you and with our flexible approach we can shape our service to meet your needs.

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After having a bad experience with other Accountants, Stuart Hall & Co have supported me and my business by getting to know and understand what I do. Working with me to understand Tax, VAT, Payroll etc. Knowing what to pay and when to pay as well as financial business planning that has enabled me to grow my business.

Pamela R Seers

Managing Director, PRS Inclusion Services Ltd

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