Look what turned up at the office today!

Roll over, Great British Bake Off. We have our own patisserie experts right here in the office. Helen and Charlotte keep us sweet with their mouthwatering creations and this one is real winner! It was made by Charlotte for Stuart’s lovely wife, Michelle.

Speaking of winners, Harry won the Fantasy Football again as he does every August. Hurrah for Harry! Unfortunately, as August is always a short month there’s no prize for him, ever.

Toughies for Harry.

Have another slice of cake, mate.

The Fantasy Football competition runs over the entire football season, pitting the wits of our accountants and clients in a fight for glory every month. It’s a sporting event of true talent, strategy, cunning and bribery – which usually finishes with another cake.

Well, there’s always an excuse for cake, after all. Birthdays, workaverseries (the anniversary of each member of staff’s first day at Stuart Hall & Co), tax returnaversaries, MOT renewal dates, officeaversary (the date we moved in), annual dentist check upaversaries – anything we can come up with, really.

Pop in for a slice and a suggestion or two of your own if you’re in da hood.

The best reason for celebration, though, is that our family is growing! First of all, there’s Young George – the latest cutie belonging to Abi. Here he is, flirting with Kate …

The youngest member of the family

He was born on 17th August and has already made himself the centre of attention at Stuart Hall & Co. Congratulations, Abi and Andy!
What’s more, a new accountant has joined the team. The lovely Laura Richardson, ACCA, AAT. She has lots of experience with financial controllers and management accountants …

Laura Richardson (read more here!)

… and lots of ball sense, too. She plays netball for Durham Dodgers and has three boys who all play for local football teams. Watch out Harry – this puts her at a distinct advantage in the Fantasy Football.

We expect he’ll keep winning the non-prize every August, mind you.

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