Our Staff – Your Partners

Hans Waltl – originally trained as a Chartered Engineer working with British Steel where he quickly became a Turn-around Manager specialising in improving the performance of business units – often leading to their sale. After running and selling his own company to an American Multinational he trained as an accountant initially with CIMA and then transferring to ACCA. During his training he was amongst the top ten ACCA students internationally and recognised accordingly.

Specialist areas include Turn-around and growth issues; Venture Capital schemes such as EIS and SEIS as well an International business.

Weekends often find him outdoors on horse back, hiking or cycling although as he is getting older rainy weather is likely to find him at the theatre or concert.


Stuart Hall – the founder of the practice, trained in private practice in County Durham before joining PSI Global Ltd as Finance Director. He is the only member of the team who started out as an accountant, but with experience in other fast growing companies Stuart is very experienced in businesses of all size ranging from micro companies up to PLC level.

Specialising in tax efficient incorporations and transfers, Trust settlements and general taxation Stuart has a wealth of experience of minimising the costs of taxation.

Weekends find him with his wife and dogs enjoying the outdoors as well as being a secret Meat Loaf fan.


Ralph Gabbatiss – originally a physicist graduating from Brunell University Ralph joined the practice, having previously worked for HMRC where he specialised in VAT. An ideal specialist in the event of a VAT dispute as well as a phenomenal source of advice in order to prevent such inspections occurring in the first place.

Although specialising in VAT, Ralph’s wide ranging experience has included PAYE and NI and more general accounting issues.