Virtual Finance Director service

Many companies find the management of financial data difficult. Here we offer a service where your management accounts are supervised and interpreted. Monthly or quarterly management meetings are held and the business plans and past performance is discussed with the owners/Directors. This allows the operational directors to concentrate on running the business knowing that someone is constantly evaluating the finances.


For legal reasons such Virtual Directors cannot be involved in making decisions (unless formally appointed as Directors) but their experience and advice will enable you to consider other options and optimize your potential.


All staff involved in this scheme have managed their own businesses or served on Boards of companies of all sizes, so they have been there and understand the pressures that you are under.


The scheme is simple and allows you to make contact with the VFD at all reasonable times, sharing your problems with someone who has real operational knowledge of your business.


By examining your cash flow periodically, Bank overdraft facilities can be negotiated well ahead of time. Imagine negotiating your next overdraft or loan with your own VFD at your side….