VAT and PAYE Preparation and Returns

Small Businesses have their own expertise and running accounts often isn’t as important as their own enterprise. Our book-keeping service allows you to concentrate on what you do best whilst ensuring that the weekly and monthly tasks are taken care of.


VAT need not be the headache that many think it is. We can offer a number of solutions:


VAT return service, where we collate the information and fill in the VAT return either on your premises or our offices as a required. This means that you can get on with running your business knowing that it is being handled by professionals.


HMRC investigations are a fact of life and if you have been in business for any length of time you will experience such an investigation. This is not necessarily the result of a tip of by a competitor or disgruntled employee but can be just part of a random check by HMRC in this area. We can minimise the hassle that this causes by being present during the investigation and answering many of their questions.


If you employ staff then you will need to be registered for PAYE. An often overlooked fact is that Directors are almost always deemed to be employees and as such must be included in these schemes. This is not voluntary. Real Time is a recently introduced scheme which requires a business to notify HMRC whenever employees are paid and so ensuring that the appropriate PAYE and NI is paid.


At BCCA we run a payroll bureau. This means that we set up your employees, and all you need to do is advise us of their hours each week/month and we will ensure that the appropriate payslips are emailed to you and if desired BACS instructions are sent to the bank. It is as simple as that – at least at your end.


At our end we will ensure that stakeholder payments are calculated and advised. Maternity / paternity pays are calculated and paid. Holidays are monitored and where appropriate holiday payment entitlements monitored and of course ensure that HMRC is kept happy.


In many ways all we provide is sleep …..


You can sleep comfortably knowing that the appropriate paperwork is being done professionally.