Turn-around Solutions

Sometimes, alas, businesses face problems and an outside eye (and hand) may be necessary. With decades of experience in turning businesses around our team can help. Often we are just that little bit extra which turns disaster into success.


Our specialist Growth and Turn-around team is well versed in all kinds of crises and can often find innovative solutions to your business problems. Initial consultations would probably only cost you a cup of coffee and a biscuit.


Often the problems are caused by mistakes or underpayments with Banks or HMRC. By structuring payments together with a coherent business plan we can often negotiate a solution on your behalf.


Occasionally the problem is declining sales and/or profitability. Because our specialists bring operational experience in sales and marketing as well as operations a business improvement plan can be agreed and you will be assisted in its implementation.


Lastly you might wish to close the business through ill health, retirement or to realize a lump sum via selling the business. With decades of experience we can assist in this phase, discretely looking for buyers and negotiating lease settlements. One thing that you can be assured of is absolute discretion.