Start-up planning and expansion business planning

Starting a business is a time of excitement and anxiety. Both can be fatal to a budding business. At BCCA we have extensive experience in setting up businesses and so can discuss the proposed venture with you and seek to identify areas of concern and propose ways that these can be addressed. With experience these tend to become obvious……


The creation of a business plan is vital; both for financing the business but also what gets measured …. happens. Because of our experience these business plans will not just be reviewed with your financially but will include operating and sales questions with extensive “what if…” scenarios being examined. At the end of the day if you are prepared then you are more likely to succeed.

Registration for a new business is not an option. BCCA can help or undertake these on your behalf. These will include Company formations, and registration with HMRC and VAT authorities where appropriate. It’s simple if you have the experience….


Book-keeping is a necessary chore for all businesses large and small. At BCCA we believe that if its set up well then its less likely to go wrong. We will spend time showing you how to do this cost effectively and if at the end you still wish us to undertake this task for you then our accounts technicians have the experience to help….


From Books to Accounts seems such a small step but tends not to be. Most startups fail to realize that tax accounts, although based on the same information as standard books are somewhat different in format depending upon the HMRC legislation at that time. These rules can mean that if one allowance is used before another one then a vastly different tax bill can result. By examining the detailed tax positions of all the principals then we can ensure that the optimum tax is paid. Again its all a matter of training and experience….


Business Monitoring is just an extension of making plans. Owner – managers can only determine where they are going with the benefit of a map and monitoring progress along that route is vital for success. Our “virtual finance director” scheme allows us to sit down with you and examine where you are and discuss with you how the business is performing and what might be done to improve the situation. Because we have all operated businesses not just accounts we have (you’ve guessed it!) the experience…


In the end you might want to sell or bequeath your business to others. Through our network we can often discretely facilitate a business sale and advice on the tax implications of such a transfer. After all your experience you want a positive financial outcome with a minimum of headaches.


As you can see we offer more than “just adding up numbers”