Annual accounts preparation leading to Companies House & HMRC filing

This takes the headache out of the process giving you peace of mind that everything has been filed correctly.


It is often said by clients that all we sell is sleep….


At first sight this seems strange but by alleviating the worry that accounts are prepared correctly to a professional standard and filed correctly with HMRC and Companies House as appropriate it does allow you to sleep more easily.


The accounts preparation and filing services are in many ways the traditional role of the Chartered Certified Accountant. In themselves this seems simple enough but if there is no interpretation of what goes on in the business then these accounts are just another overhead of the business.


We will sit down with you and discuss the performance and suggest improvements. We will guide you through the tax hurdles, how to pay and avoid penalties.


The necessity to file tax returns may seem simple but if allowances or schemes are applied in the wrong order then there can be significant differences in the way that tax is calculated and ultimately paid. Some tax losses can be transferred, some not; both into future years as well as other income streams.


With years of experience in this, and senior managers who are ex HMRC inspectors we are very capable of managing this for you.


…. and should an inspection happen, by chance or otherwise, we will be there by your side to handle it for you.